About the Author 

My name is Lisa Hailey-Weldon.  I was born April 12,1963, in Brooklyn, New York. I am the youngest of four girls. At the young age of 3, I had a stroke. I was paralyzed on my left side and was unable to walk leaving me wheelchair bound. This life-altering event compelled me to want to share my childhood experience with all those who would listen. My late parents, Edward and Blossom Hailey, encouraged me to be who I am.

 There is Lisa the author, the creator of Lola; but there is also Lisa the mother of two sons, the wife of a wonderful man, the youngest of four sisters, the “Aunt Extravaganza”, the coworker, and the friend.

 I have always been passionate about the treatment and mistreatment of those who are deemed different. All should understand the courage and inner strength that one must possess to face difficult circumstances; they should not face them alone. My desire is to give a voice to children with disabilities. Therefore, it only made sense that I dedicate my efforts to writing children's books in hopes of addressing this topic.




My love for writing dates back to grade school. This is where I learned to explore words and their possibilities. My mother used to play a game with me to take the focus off the laborious task of repetitive writing. This deepened my love for words and increased my vocabulary. I found writing challenging. As a result of this, my desire to write became apparent. So here I sit, writing and using words to light the way to expression.

Lisa and Sister Cathy at the age of 5 years old 

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